Alina interviewed in Minsk

Alina of Mr. Bald and Bankrupt fame is interviewed outside of a nightclub.

Alina gets interviewed in Russian

The source of all things Bald and Bankrupt, as well as Alina Adzika, provides a link to a street interview by a guy asking Alina questions outside of a nightclub.

I am not fluent in Russian (or whatever language may have been spoken), so I don’t know what Alina or the guy said.

Alina’s thumbnail is attractive.

The Redditors say Alina was promoting her Instagram.

And, Alina handled her self well, according to the Reddit translators.

Alina’s YouTube interview

Speculation is Mr. Bald thinks it’s hilarious

According to Redditer cyka4blyat

This guy is a Russian version of the annoying Brit Conor Clyne – (Tsar Experience YouTube channel). Who gets random hot Russian/ Belorussian girls to do (rather tame) street interviews outside nightclubs.

Gets girls to kiss each other in nightclub queues for a dare etc. Alina appears in a series called “Interview with a stranger” on his channel.

He has 300K subs so Alina is quite fearless, she probably did this for a bit of fun and to promote her Instagram. It also isn’t ‘Pre Mr Bald‘, they’ve been together since early 2017 (his book) but have quite independent lives, he probably thinks this is hilarious.


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Bonus Alina video

Alina chases a Soviet cow

Soviet Cow with Alina from r/BaldAndBankrupt